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PRO-BMT (Profession Building Management Training)
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Building Management Training Courses

Pro-BMT provides a range of ABMA Accredited Building Management Training courses on various subjects within the strata sector and at varying levels of expertise:

CPD  |  Workshops  |  Advanced Courses

All Pro-BMT and ABMA training requires a current edition of the ABMA Building Management Code© which can be purchased through the ABMA web site ›

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ABMA Continuing Professional Development Series  

Pro-BMT runs the full list of ABMA Continuing Professional development (CPD) training courses which provide attendees with an introduction to more specific aspects of the residential strata industry through a half-day workshop.

Completion of one ABMA CPD course each calendar year, along with the ABMA Strata or Trade Professional Annual Induction allows participants the opportunity to gain ABMA Industry Practitioner Accreditation to allow recognition of their strata knowledge.

ABMA Employability Workshops  

For attendees wanting to gain key employability skills in specialised areas, Pro-BMT offers ABMA Job Ready Workshops in a 3-day intensive training program.

ABMA Job Ready Workshops

ABMA Advanced Building Management Courses 

Aimed at all members of the strata industry or those considering entering the sector, Pro-BMT offers the three levels of ABMA Building Management training to provide either an introduction to the industry for emerging professionals or ultimate theoretical training for seasoned experts.

ABMA Building Management Courses

BMT001 - Certificate of Building Management ›
This course is ideal for Committee members and Body Corporate Managers or persons considering a building management profession as a career, or those entering the Management Rights arena for the first time and provides attendees with a general overview of professional infrastructure management of a commercial property to the standard required under the ABMA Building Management Code© and the general skills, tasks and responsibilities of a Building Manager.

BMT002 - Advanced Certificate of Building Management ›
Building on the Certificate level qualification, this course prepares a building management worker for everyday operation and general compliance associated with managing the common property of either a residential and/or mixed-use strata scheme, or commercial facility with a thorough understanding of the compliance, maintenance and reporting requirements that are needed to successfully manage the day-to-day caretaking operations of a complex.

BMT003 - Diploma of Building Management ›
Further building on the Advanced Certificate level qualification, this course provides the ultimate in theoretical training with in-practice skills outcomes. Specifically tailored to suit Class 2-9 residential and mixed-use strata buildings, as well as commercial facilities, the Diploma ensures each participant walks away with a site-specific Facilities Management Plan, tailored to the unique requirements of the subject building site in accordance with the ABMA Building Management Code© as well as skills to manage daily operations, recurrent servicing and maintenance of a commercial or residential common property along with long term maintenance forecasting, sustainability planning and legislative updates for the benefit of your client.

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Pro-BMT is a building management specific skills development organisation and not a Registered Training Organisation. Pro-BMT Certificate and Diploma courses are developed by the ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Agency Limited and are not approved via the Australian Qualifications Framework and/or subject to associated fee relief incentives.


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